Mountain Sage Realty

The Californian Wave

Case Study

The Opportunity

Mountain Sage Realty connected with us with clear goals in mind:

  • Establish “full-stack” buyer & seller prospect generating campaigns for their team of agents. Including advertising, custom landing page development, follow-up & nurturing communication, CRM development, agent onboarding, funnel optimization (to consistently gain more transactions), and more.
  • Capitalize on the massive influx of people relocating in Arizona from California.
  • Creating a referral network between agents and the brokerage.

Additionally, Facebook’s unique “Special Ads Categories” (of which Real Estate is one) prohibits several targeting techniques, making engaging with the “right” audiences more difficult. While these targeting rules exist to prohibit discriminatory practices, many realtors have found them difficult to navigate them and achieve results.


The Solution

We needed to appeal to Mountain Sage Realty’s target markets, and since many of Facebook’s advanced targeting options couldn’t be used in our Special Ads Category, we had to rely on a solid strategy.

Working in conjunction with CulpritMedia Group, we took the highly adaptable advertising platform in Facebook and rigorously tested offers, targeting, copy, creative, landing page & form elements, and more.

We created highly engaging campaigns to draw in our targeted audiences then executed an aggressive follow-up campaign. Following that, our nurture campaigns (which went as far as 6 months from the date of inquiry!) took over leads that needed time before moving forward.

Two months in, Mountain Sage Realty’s sales pipeline was filled with qualified prospects, their team was enthusiastically engaging with their prospects, and our campaign optimizations reduced costs while boosting results.

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