The Perfect Storm In Arizona

Serene Living AZ: Overcoming Realtor Saturation, Severe Inventory Loss, COVID Shutdowns, and Market Skepticism

Case Study

The Obstacle

As a boutique brokerage operating in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area (Arizona), Serene Living AZ had similar goals as most brokerages:

  1. Create qualified lead generation systems for their team of agents.
  2. Retain agents currently working with the brokerage.
  3. Attract top-quality talent to the team.

LeadSprout and CulpritMedia Group worked closely, relying on their specialities, to help Serene Living achieve these goals.


The Solution

After an in-depth assessment of Serene Living AZ’s branding, voice, positioning, and strengths, we began to tailor our proven funnel formula to their needs. We tested various offers and audiences, user experiences, follow-up strategies (for the team receiving the leads’ inquiries as well as the leads themselves), and much more. 

The testing period was extended to overcome market obstacles like high realtor saturation (leading to a highly competitive market), COVID disruptions causing inventory to drop from 20k+ homes a month to about 6k a month, consumers & the public are wary of engaging with realtors, and the list went on. 

To address all of this, we executed a rigorous testing & optimizing process that revealed the best approach for our client’s campaign.

The final product was a robust lead generation system that provides Serene Living AZ with:

  • Onboarding & training for using the brokerage lead system for new agents (or anyone that needs a refresher).
  • An optimized lead pipeline that generates hundreds of qualified leads a month. Each qualified lead provides a wealth of information beyond the usual “How many bedrooms/bathrooms?” (e.g. credit score range, price range, timeline, and more).
  • A follow up system for both the team AND the leads. The management team is notified of a new lead, the lead is distributed to an agent that is conveniently notified via text, email, and app. In the meantime, the lead is already entered into a rapid follow up & nurture process that encourages them to take the next step of this custom funnel.
  • CRM management of the lead flow, communication, lead scoring, and more. The dashboard that is included in the CRM is particularly useful for creating/updating strategy.

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