About LeadSprout

Welcome to LeadSprout’s home on the internet! My name is Eden Choubeta. I am the founder and Digital Marketing Specialist behind much of what you’ll see on this website.

I’ve worked in or with SMBs for the majority of my professional life. The leaders of these businesses always had a passion that I couldn’t typically find anywhere else. And their teams were the same way! You could could see it in the way they carried themselves every day. The positive qualities I saw in the people working in these SMBs are qualities that I surround myself with. I strive to incorporate them into my daily practices as well.

I’ve built LeadSprout to be the tool that these passionate businesses can use to achieve their vision. LeadSprout isn’t about clicks or views, it’s about impacting the bottom line. It’s about more clients and sales so you can fuel the next stage of your growth. The success of our campaigns help propel our clients and their teams forward. This is a responsibility we take seriously.

We are not a lead generation agency.

Many of you may have been burned by one in the past. I understand the frustration, trust me.

What LeadSprout does is focus on getting your business sales opportunities. We will create “pipelines” through which your team will be connected with a steady flow of people that are genuinely interested in what your business offers.

My goal is to help you get back to doing what you do best. Helping your clients. Everything else is on us! 

We not only handle the campaigns that bring you new sales opportunities, we also use our top-notch virtual lead nurture team to turn leads into real prospects for your sales team to close!

We take care of strategy, ads, campaign-specific web pages, audience building & tracking, connecting prospects directly with your sales team or team lead, tracking response times, improving conversion rates with lead nurturing via email & text marketing, and more is being added all the time.

Think of it like this, whatever needs to happen to help our campaigns succeed will be taken care of. We do not nickle and dime our clients for a little elbow grease.

If you’re anything like me, your main thought right now is whether we can even deliver the goods for your business. I would encourage you to do 2 things:

  1. Take a look at our case studies.
  2. Get in touch with me. We can speak about your unique challenges and I can give you an idea of what success will look like. 20-min of your time for the possibility of creating an engine of growth and prosperity within your business. Click here to schedule a time at your convenience.

We help businesses like yours:

Increase sales & revenue
Improve ROI from digital marketing spend
Improve conversion rates

Get in touch today to find out if we can help your business grow using Social Media Marketing, Digital Lead Generation, and Complete Campaign Funnel Solutions!

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