[INTERVIEW] Use Social Media Marketing To Boost Business – The Profitable Practice Podcast Ep #153

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LeadSprout On The Profitable Practice Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Andrea Maxim, a Naturopathic Doctor, author, and business coach to health and wellness practitioners. Her podcast, The Profitable Practice Podcast, is all about connecting with the health & wellness community to help grow their careers, practices, or clinics.

In this podcast, Andrea interviews me about the best ways for local businesses to benefit from social media marketing. We cover quite a bit of ground in this 54-minute conversation, and it applies to anyone with questions about implementing a digital marketing strategy to boost their business!

If you have other questions that aren’t covered in this interview, feel free to send me an email at contact@leadsprout.ca, or comment below!

Originally shared on MAXIMizedBusiness.ca:

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