[INTERVIEW] Use Social Media Marketing To Boost Business – The Profitable Practice Podcast Ep #153

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Andrea Maxim, a Naturopathic Doctor, author, and business coach to health and wellness practitioners. Her podcast, The Profitable Practice Podcast, is all about connecting with the health & wellness community to help grow their careers, practices, or clinics. In this podcast, Andrea interviews me about the best … Read more

My Process For Building A Winning Online Marketing Funnel

Before we go further, let’s quickly take care of something. Whenever I’m reading an article on how to do something, I get annoyed if I’m forced to scroll through a wall of text and ads before I get to the goods. So I’ll start with value and include the most important deliverables of this article, … Read more

Cutting Through The Bull: Getting Started With Social Media

Cutting Through The Bull_Getting Started With Social Media

So you’ve decided to take a look at your social media presence online. You could be brand new to this world, or you may already have accounts and post “pretty regularly”, but either way, you’re not seeing the results you want. And you’re especially not seeing the results you’ve heard about. With where you are … Read more