"We were sitting on a gold mine and didn't even know it."

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Your OEM’s brand-marketing is constantly being reinforced in the marketplace…but is your dealership connecting just as well?

How does your dealership stand out to the prospect, amidst all the other dealers that could also service their needs?

You need custom, strategic marketing to connect your dealership directly to your target market.

The branding has already been covered. Your prospects are ready. Your opportunity lies in setting your dealership apart with an attractive, engaging, and results-driven digital marketing strategy.

LeadSprout will provide you with digital marketing that will directly bring in sales.

Where Do You Want Your Business To Be In 12 Months?

Your Prospects Are Ready, And Aren't Waiting


of car shoppers say they prefer to engage with a dealer that lets them start the buying process online.

As you know, much of the buyer’s journey has shifted online.

LeadSprout uses some of the most powerful platforms ever made to connect your business with prospective buyers in innovative, sales-driven ways!

Segment and grow Facebook & Instagram audience groups based on past sales, detailed interest targeting, website visitor behaviour and more.

It takes several touchpoints before a prospect decides to engage with a dealer. We use advanced retargeting to graduate people from cold to hot leads.

Why settle for sharing your leads? Gain exclusive, high quality prospects that want to speak with your sales team. Feed your sales team real prospects.

Go beyond contact information. Gather data points like timeline, payment range, preferred contact time, model of interest, type of appointment requested, and more.

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Social Media Marketing Sales

Go with digital marketing devoted to impacting the bottom line.

Effective Ad Creation Process

Every element of our ads is measured on two criteria: results, and cost. Once the ads "pass" then it's time to scale for bigger results!

Merge Marketing With Sales

Just as you would follow up with prospects to nurture them until they are ready to buy, your marketing will do the same. Retarget audiences viewing your VDPs, watching your Facebook or YouTube videos, "lost prospects" from your CRM.

Drive Revenue To Every Part Of Your Dealership

Our results-driven method can be applied to Sales, and Service & Parts departments.

Convenience & Efficiency

We will integrate into most major CRMs, provide reps with follow up apps, schedule frequent campaign results breakdowns with management, and more!


A Virtual BDR available to convert our prospects into appointments. Our comprehensive 90-day follow up system will allow your sales team to focus on what they do best.

Where Do You Want Your Business To Be In 12 Months?

Text us at 289-468-1206 for information!

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